A Prayer of Healing for Mental Illness

May the One who blessed our ancestors bless all who live with mental illness, our care-givers, families and friends; May we walk in the footsteps of Jacob, King Saul, Miriam, Hannah and Naomi who struggled with dark moods, hopelessness, isolation and terrors, but survived and led our people. Just as our father, Jacob, spent the night wrestling with an angel and prevailed, may all who live with mental illness be granted the endurance to wrestle with pain and prevail night upon night. Grace us with the faith to know that though, like Jacob, we may be wounded, shaped and renamed by this struggle, still we will live on to continue an ever unfolding, unpredictable path toward healing.  May we not be alone on this path but accompanied by our families, friends, care-givers, ancestors and the Divine presence. Surround us with loving-kindness, grace and companionship and spread over us a sukkat shalom, a shelter of peace and wholeness. And let us say: Amen


© Rabbi Elliot Kukla, 2008