Illness, dying, and living with grief are universal human experiences. They naturally stimulate spiritual reflection and yearning for a communal response. Our work is about bringing more healing into the community. We need you to be part of the conversation. Whether you’re able to volunteer, donate, participate in No One Alone, or just start the conversation with a friend or family member, we hope you’ll join us.

Two women sitting on a bench closely laughing

The Bay Area Jewish Healing Center sustains people on their paths through loss, mourning, and grief. We’ve seen the impact that spiritual support can make in people’s lives. As we deepen our ability to respond as a community to grief, we can transform our relationship to illness, death, and loss and expand our capacity to care and be cared for.

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Your generosity helps lift up and comfort those in need of healing. When you donate to the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center, you’re helping to make sure no one has to grieve alone.


Volunteer directly with those in our community who need your compassionate support to live better, grieve better, and die with spiritual care and kindness.