Changing the way we support and care for people who are dying and mourning will take all of us. We invite clergy, community members, professional caretakers, hospitals and facilities, to partner with us in our mission to provide spiritual care to all.

Education & Training

Our community partnerships take many forms. Whether you have a specific need or are simply interested in learning how to bring more spiritual support to your community, please reach out. Learn More

Inmate Support Programs

The Bay Area Jewish Healing Center rabbis are available to provide spiritual support for Jews who are incarcerated throughout the San Francisco and San Mateo County jails. Please get in touch to learn more. Learn More

No One Alone

The Bay Area Jewish Healing Center has seen the impact that spiritual support can make in people’s lives. No One Alone is a campaign that invites community partners to join us in the work of transforming our relationship to illness, death, and loss. Learn More


Rabbi-Led Holiday Programs

Many older Jewish residents once had active Jewish lives. Our rabbis lead holiday programs at approximately 40 different senior Bay Area sites, providing residents with an opportunity for celebration, community, and connection. Learn More