Our rabbis lead High Holy Day, Passover, and Hanukkah programs at approximately 40 different senior residential facilities, rehabilitation sites, and adult daycare centers throughout the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation region.

Older woman wearing blue looks out across couch
Our Jewish residents and others who have Jewish relatives were deeply moved by the Rabbi’s service, use of traditional items and deep respect for all. The Rabbi made a special point of reaching out to a resident with slight dementia and honoring him. The Rabbi asked me to help, it was a great honor. I asked the Rabbi to return to speak in an open forum about the Jewish faith.
Residential DirectorAssisted Living Facility

Programs are approximately 45 minutes to an hour in length and discuss the history and meaning of the holiday and incorporate some of the central prayers and observances for the occasion. Each program is tailored to meet the needs and cognitive level of the residential facility’s population.

We are also available for individual resident visits for those who may not be able to attend a larger group session. If you would like to schedule a holiday program with one of our rabbis, please contact us at (415) 750-4197 or email us at jewishhealing@bajhc.org.