Grief is about loss. Among its many faces, grief can leave us profoundly sad, confused, exhausted, questioning, angry, yearning, or newly energized.

There are many common images of mourning in the wake of a death, yet each human being and each human relationship is unique.  Likewise, grief affects each of us differently, and in ways that can change over time.

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We have accompanied thousands of people through their most trying moments— individually, in family groupings, in bereavement spiritual support groups, through workshops, and at the Grief and Growing Weekend™.

Call us for:

  • In-person support in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Phone support
  • Readings, ritual tools, and other resources

The Bay Area Jewish Healing Rabbis can offer you:

  • Compassionate listening and understanding
  • Comforting rituals
  • Opportunities to reflect and explore feelings
  • Jewish resources for guidance, learning and inspiration
  • Blessings and spiritual conversation
  • Information and referral for grief and mourning-related resources in the larger community