The Bay Area Jewish Healing Center is committed to welcoming the fullest range of human experiences and diversity as possible. To that end, we will meet you where you are and listen to any barriers you may face in accessing our programs and/or services whether they be physical, environmental, logistical, or financial.

We believe that no organization can call itself fully accessible, as access means so many
different things, and in fact individual access needs can conflict with each other. For example, in
learning environments some may need quiet to focus due to sensory differences, while others
may need amplification to hear due to hearing loss. However, we strive to say “yes” to
welcoming and accommodating the broadest range of needs we possibly can.

Here are some facts about us:

  • Our offices are ADA accessible
  • The restrooms in our offices, as well as all our main off-site program locations, are ADA
    accessible and gender neutral
  • Our services are available to all regardless of capacity to pay
  • We strive to maintain a lower scent environment in our offices
  • We are available to offer mission appropriate, spiritual care house calls to those unable
    to leave their homes due to disability or illness, in our service area
  • We welcome all family constellations at our family events

Feel free to be in touch if you have specific accessibility needs or questions, not addressed here.