A Song for Courage

A Song for Courage

Reach down for me, O Eternal,
To draw me up besides You;
Coax me away from anger and fear,
Beckoning forward, climbing higher.

Grasp tightly as I grope above,
Bind my heart to You.
Place my hand upon the sturdy branch
That eases the climb to You.

For You are the sure Hand
Beneath my elbow,
Guiding my steps as the
Blind are guided.

You are the Light
Shining through dark branches
Illuminating the ascent
Through strangling vines.

You are the steady Voice
That recall me from my confusion,
And bids me order my days,
That I might turn to you in wonder.

Recall me, recall me, sing my name
That I might hear Your welcome;
Lift me, turn me, to breathe fresh air
Above the forest canopy.

Debbie Perlman, Flames to Heaven: New Psalms for Healing and Praise