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Programs and Services Overview

Grief, illness and dying are universal human experiences. They naturally stimulate spiritual reflection and reasonably yearn for a communal response.

“This is the first time I have ever experienced real personal listening from a rabbi about my story. I want to let you know how deeply grateful and moved I was.” – Healing Center Client

The experiences of illness, grieving and dying can be isolating. Jewish spiritual care with the Healing Center rabbis aims to help individuals and families break down the isolation surrounding the suffering through companionship, community support, prayer and presence. Through spiritual care, individuals may come to feel less alone in their pain, and reconnect to people that are important to them, to Jewish community and traditions, to their own selves or to their own unique sense of spirituality.

No individual’s response to loss is the same, so the approach of our Healing Center rabbis varies with each person. You may for example, benefit most from one-on-one spiritual support counseling, or by joining a group with folks also facing challenging circumstances, finding a rabbi to lead funeral services, or attending the Grief and Growing Weekend with your family. Our Healing Center rabbis help you select from many of the following options: