Want to talk with a rabbi?

Want to talk with a rabbi?

If you are seeking advice, consultation, or support in your efforts to serve Jewish clients facing illness or loss, the Jewish Healing Center rabbis are available to you.

Have a quick question about a Jewish custom? Want feedback on a program idea? Mulling over a challenging patient interaction or spiritual care concern? Redesigning a care delivery system?

One of our central aims is to help professionals and institutions in our community increase capacity and sensitivity for addressing the religious and spiritual needs of Jews who are ill, dying, or bereaved. We are happy to support or partner with you toward that aim, whether through a formal collaboration or informally and behind-the-scenes.

It may help to know that:

  • You can speak with us over the phone or in person.
  • You can make an appointment to meet in our San Francisco-based office or in your synagogue, agency or facility.
  • Our rabbis regularly offer in-services, presentations, and individual and group consultations for hospitals, long term care facilities, psychiatric and behavioral health units, hospices, and other facilities throughout our service area.
  • You, the community professional, care provider or administrator, need not be Jewish to access our services and support.

Each of our rabbis has extensive, specialized experience in hospital and community chaplaincy and spiritual care, in Jewish, secular, and interfaith work, and in interdisciplinary professional collaborations, particularly in the issues around physical and mental illness, end-of-life and palliative care, griefcare and healing. Call 415-750-4197 or email jewishhealing@bajhc.org and you will be connected with one of our rabbis.

If you are seeking support elsewhere in the U.S., please visit ncjh.org for a listing of Jewish healing centers and programs throughout North America, or contact us for assistance with Information and Referral.