Grief and Growing™ Redwoods Program: A Healing Program for Bereaved Families with Participants Ages 5-18
  • Saturday evening, March 6th, through Sunday afternoon, March 7th
    online via Zoom.

    Individual telephone intakes, assessments and online orientation sessions will be required before the program begins.
    If multiple members of your family or household would like to participate, please have each person complete a separate application.
    It is important for each youth applicant to complete their own form. Adults may assist if necessary.
  • Applicant

  • First NameLast NameAgeGenderPreferred Pronoun (He/She/They...)
  • Contact Information

  • Name of person who diedTheir relationship to you (i.e. my uncle)What were the circumstances of the death? 
    To add other names, click the + button on the right.
  • (Example: my cousin, Rachel)
  • 8. Certain kinds of equipment and arrangements are required in order to participate in the online Grief and Growing™ program. If the family members who are applying live in multiple households, please answer the questions below for yourself in the household where you expect to participate:
  • Note: Application is due by December 30, 2020 at 5:00pm.