Honoring Lee Labé Pollak

Honoring Lee Labé Pollak

We are honoring Lee! On April 10, 2019, the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center will inaugurate the Rabbi Michael and Hannah Barenbaum Award (*).  Lee will be our first recipient.

As you may know, Lee has devoted her career to the field of grief support.  Her career spans the overall development of grief support philosophy and direct service.  From the use of individual therapy to communal support structures, Lee’s work represents the historic arc of thought leadership that has brought our own community, and the culture at large, to provide a holistic approach to grief support.  Grief can stimulate both familiar tropes of expression and spontaneous utterance that become known only in the moment they emerge.  As a practitioner, Lee has been a sacred recipient of grief expression.  As a thought leader, she has been a devoted architect of grief-growth. By her self-reflective craft, she has brought to the community innovative ideas and abiding programs to serve us all when we are in the vulnerable throes of the grief journey. Just one of these programs is our annual Grief and Growing ™ Weekend, now in its 23rd year!

Will you please join us by adding your name to the honorary committee and also becoming a sponsor?  All proceeds will be devoted to our Grief and Growing™ Fund.

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Our honorary event co-chairs are Susan and Jay Mall and Mary and Harold Zlot.  The honorary co-chairs of the committee are the next generation of the Pollak and Barenbaum families: Deborah Pollak Levy and Paola Carvajal Almeida, Lauren Pollak and Dieter Tremp, Harrison Pollak and Natalie Freidman, and Kimberly Pollak, Naomi and Rob Leonard, and Daniel and Michelle Barenbaum.

We hope you will gather in this communal recognition and hearty thanks to Lee Labé Pollak, LCSW for her devotion over the course of these many years, to countless individuals in their grief journey.

Please respond to this request by January 18, 2019.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at eweiss@bajhc.org or contacting Gail Kolthoff at 415.750.4197 or Gkolthoff@bajhc.org.

Very truly yours,

Rabbi Eric Weiss

(*) The Rabbi Michael and Hannah Barenbaum Award is given periodically to an individual who has had significant impact over time to support the spiritual care of those who are ill, dying and bereaved through direct service, advocacy, or philanthropy. It is in recognition of sustaining achievement over time and is given by a grateful community as a recognition of caring for us all.